Welcome to the BLOGPLATES webring. This is a webring of weblog/journal design sites plus some information on how to implement them for your own personal journal.

For users, this is a great place to look for a wide variety of styles and reference tools relating to your weblog. If you've never had a journal online before, this is a great place to start! You'll find info about not only graphics and designs for your journal, you'll also find out about the different options for journal software, groups to sign up for, and how to tie it all together.

For designers, this is a great resource to use for your weblog templates - send your users here to give them info on implementing the templates without having to have all of the info on your page. It also is a great way to network with the other designers - a good chance to show off your work and see others, too.

Follow the links on the sidebar to each section of this site and if you have questions, contact us.

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