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Monday, April 2, 2001

This is a test of Ann's Eyesite #12.

Instructions for easy blog-template installation:

*Set up Greymatter as described by the installation.htm file included with the download.
*Download a Blog/Journal Template from one of the many available. For links to these, check out the upcoming webring of template designs or the listing at wedblog's other sites.
*Open the template file and copy all of the info before the body text (IE, where your date header, post, and footer credits will appear).
*Log into Greymatter. Click Templates. Click Edit Header, Footer & Sidebar Templates. Paste this data into the Header Template.
*Go back to the template file and copy all of the info after the where the body text would appear(Not including the body codes, if appliciable)
*Paste this data into the Footer Template.
*Save your changes.
*Click Edit Main Index-Related Templates. In the Main Index Template, paste the following bit of code (without periods between the curly brackets - used as placeholders)

Voila, you are done!

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Just so you can see the entire process, I also finished up this setup with a teeny bit of tweaking.

  • When I posted the below entry, I put < blockquote. > around the instructions. It ended up looking funny, so I got into the style sheet and changed the linespacing and font to be like the < p. >.
  • Because Ann used Blogger Tags, I went in and changed the blogtitle and description to not show the blogger tags. This modification is made at Template: Edit Header, Footer, & Sidebar Templates within the Header Template Section.
  • Archives also needed tweaking. I always forget this the first time! The main change that needs to be made so that the archive template can be seen properly (at Sample Blog Archives) is to make all of your image and style sheet links absolute - by adding http://www.love-productions.com/plates/gm/ in front of all of the image and style sheet references in the Header and Footer templates.

Besides that, every other template (yes, there are a lot of them) are standard to Greymatter. I left all of Ann's info and as they were in the template, but they are easily editable in the Footer Section of the Template: Edit Header, Footer, & Sidebar Templates.

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