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We have tried to put together as many links and resources relating to weblogs and design on this page. If you have a suggestion for other items to include, please feel free to use the contact form to let us know.

Weblog Tools
  • Blogger - the tool which made blogging popular. Very easy to use. For people without hosting options, try blogspot - even easier!
  • Greymatter - the tool that you control. Requires a bit of cgi knowledge, access to your cgi-bin, but easily customizable and self-hosted.
  • Movable Type - another self hosted tool. This one includes some features like categories and has some great techniques for archiving. Requires a bit of cgi knowledge, access to your cgi-bin, but easily customizable and self hosted.
  • pMachine - a self-hosted tool based on PHP instead of database-type posts.
  • Pitas
  • Diaryland
  • Live Journal

Weblog Utilities
Hosting Options
Different blogging tools have different requirements for hosting tools. Here are some recommended free hosts for the main weblog tools.
  • Blogger - requires ftp access
    - [blogspot] - this is blogger's free hosting space (with ads), but if you use a template of your own, you'll need hosting space for images.
    - [blogspot] - for a low monthly fee, you can use blogspot without ads
    - [geocities] (after April, this host will not work)
    - [tripod] - include an ad on the side of your screen
  • Greymatter/Movable Type - requires cgi-bin access and the ability to run perl programs.
    - [freedom to surf]
    - [digitalrice]
  • Paid solutions for any blogging tool
    blogomania hosting
    - [blogomania] - highly recommended for low cost hosting that has enough features to control any blogging software.

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  • Overlib - a tool for creating informative mouseovers on the bottom bar.
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